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Apply for the Film Challenge

For six years we have worked tirelessly to keep the film challenge free, however, this came at a great cost to our organization. We have never before been able to compensate our team for the hundreds of hours it takes to review applications and carefully curate the crews. In order to ensure our sustainabilty, we can no longer work for free.


At the end of this application, we ask for a $50 donation to offset the cost of reviewing applications and creating the crews. If you are unable to donate that amount, you can choose a lower amount to suit your budget. If you are able to give more, please consider doing so to help your fellow applicants.

I am based primarily within the greater Los Angeles area and will be located in LA during the pre-pro meeting, challenge weekend, and screening.
When are you available?

We try to place everyone in their first choice production role. Remember that this is an opportunity to meet professionals in an intense pace. Only apply for a role if you are experienced in that position.

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Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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