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2 Questions You Need To Be Able To Answer About Your Pilot Script

Don't pitch or submit to a writing contest without figuring this out first.

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You could have chosen to write about anything when you set out to write your pilot script, but you chose to write your specific idea. Before you talk to decision-makers about your project, it's important to delve into what captured your attention about this concept. After all, how can you express your excitement and your unique ability to tell the story?

When you submit your pilot scripts to contests or pitch your project, it’s super helpful to know two things:

  • Why are you the person to tackle this project?

  • Why is now the best time to tell this story?

Your personal connection to a project helps grab the interest of readers and execs. Everyone wants to know the backstory of what sparked the idea. Is the series about a topic that you really nerd out about? Is it based on something that happened to you or a family member in real life? Do you have some specialized knowledge that gives you a window into this topic that few people have? Often, your connection to the project will serve as your ramp into the pitch during a pitch meeting. It will help you transition from small talk to the pitch itself very naturally.

Watch our Instagram reel on this topic to learn more, and then watch this reel for an example!

When you pitch or submit to a contest, you’ll also want to highlight why now is the best time to tell this story. How do the themes of your project connect to life today? If you wrote a period piece, how do the struggles of the time mirror what people are experiencing in 2024? Does your project touch upon something in the zeitgeist in a new way?

We assess hundreds of applications each year for our Pilot Accelerator, and we've found that a fantastic script is made even better by a great answer to these questions. That's why we ask, word for word, "Why is now the time to tell this story, and why are you the one to tell it?" We want to get to know the writer as a person and as a creative, and we want the applicant to outline why she thinks this story will resonate with audiences today.

We also ask our quarter-finalists to answer these questions in their 2-minute video pitch, and we ask our finalists to touch on it again during our video interviews. This is where we really see applicants' personalities and passion for their project. Remember, this is your time to shine!

Want to submit to the Moonshot Pilot Accelerator? Applications are now open! Apply via FilmFreeway by the final deadline of April 14, 2024.


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