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A.K.A Women's Weekend Film Challenge

This film challenge is unlike any other. No more using up all of your resources and favors for the chance to showcase your talent. We provide all of the support you need to make a film in one weekend!


Accepted participants are placed on crews and work with women and non-binary filmmakers in every role of production. It's FREE to apply and participate, and we provide cinema-quality equipment courtesy of our sponsors, production insurance, stipends to submit to film fests and more! 

The films made during the film challenge have been accepted into over 100 film festivals. More importantly, past participants careers accelerate after this program due to the connections they make during the challenge.


Stats from our five previous challenges


Participants in our film challenges


of participants are part of the disabled community


of participants are people of color


Film festivals have accepted our films


of participants identify as LGBTQ+


of participants would highly recommend the challenge 


We're on a mission to advance the careers of women and non-binary filmmakers. The only way to improve representation on the big screen is to support diverse emerging talent. Since filmmakers are expected to have a reel in order to get hired, many people are forced to fund their own work. With the cost of filmmaking prohibitively expensive for so many, we work yearround to fundraise so that our filmmakers don't need to shoulder that burden. Filmmakers are finally able to focus on building their networks and creating quality material for their reels and for festival submissions.

Our film challenge was created by filmmakers and every development has been inpired by feedback from nearly 1,000 surveys of past participants. 


No other film challenge supports its filmmakers the way we do. Here is some of what we provide our participants:

A woman points her film camera at a scene.
Cinema-Quality Gear and Insurance

One of the most important factors in advancing someone's career is giving them access to the best, professional equipment. We  secure sponsorships from top-of-the-line companies who share a deep desire to improve representation in the industry. We provide production insurance and crews have access to over a million dollars of equipment. No more using up all your favors to get the equipment you need!

Premiere Screening & Festival Run

It's not enough to make the need eyes on your work in order to get hired. We screen all completed films for an audience of hundreds of filmmakers to showcase everyone’s work. We provide stipends to help the films get into festivals around the world. We've had participants get hired based on their work during the challenge and that is becauase of the ongoing work we do to showcase your talent.

A Complete Crew/ New Network

Applicants are vetted by a pool of industry judges, so when you apply, your work is being viewed by showrunners, casting directors, major directors and cinematographers. If you are accepted, you will be placed on a crew with over thirty other women and non-binary people in every role of production. You will instantly expand your professional network and be able to hire and refer more women and nb people.

Orientations and Trainings

Since the film challenge is unlike any other production, we offer extensive guidance. We recognize that our participants have varying backgrounds and experience which can be an asset if handled correctly. We provide trainings for core leadership roles, handbooks for all participants, workshops and 24-hour email support in order to ensure success.


  • You want to sell the film you make this weekend. This is a highly collaborative effort with no one person creating and executing the film. Moonshot Initiative retains all of the rights to the films. These films are meant to be used as materials for your reel, as a means to get you into festivals and as a tool for networking. If a film makes money through distribution, all proceeds will go towards helping more filmmakers through Moonshot.

  • You need everything thoroughly mapped out before you do something. While we host a pre-production meeting and provide a detailed handbook, so much of this challenge is up in the air. You need to be flexible and excited to challenge yourself.

  • You are a stickler for the standard roles of production. Again, everyone is working together to get the film done under a tight deadline and a limited budget. You may have to take on some extra tasks that you don’t normally do. The fun is in seeing what you’re truly capable of and bonding with others in the trenches.

  • You don't care about improving the representation of women and non-binary people in the film and TV industry.

  • You are racist, misogynistic, and or generally rude.


"The scale of the challenge, the access to professional gear and contacts blew me away."
- Karen Rodrigeuz