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Revise a Pilot in 30 Days

Nov 4, 2025 - Dec 2, 2025

  • 29Days
  • 29Steps


Do you have a draft of a TV pilot script, and you’re not sure how to get started on rewriting, revising and polishing? Spend 30 days revising your pilot script with us! You'll get daily coursework to give your revision process structure and guidance, moving from big-picture structural and pacing improvements to fine editing with focused passes that address pace, dialogue, formatting and more. Plus, connect with your fellow writers during virtual meetups and on our forum. We’ll be offering opportunities to swap scripts and exchange notes one-on-one with other participants, meaning you'll have both feedback and accountability. You won't be alone in this process! What you’ll get out of this program: - A polished revision of your TV pilot script - Focused passes for the crucial elements of a revision - A curriculum that meets you where you are in the process. Whether you need to take a step back and ensure that your pilot is setting up series arcs or you’re hoping to tighten dialogue and formatting, we’re here to help. - A community of like-minded writers - A revision process that you can return to in the future - A 20% off code to submit to our next pilot accelerator — given to every writer who completes the course - Access to select past virtual events pertaining to TV writing If you follow the steps laid out in the program, by the end of the program, you’ll have a polished script that you can use as a writing sample or submit to contests. ***Virtual meetup times TBA***

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I would highly recommend this course to aspiring TV & film writers/creatives. The daily prompts helped me push past feelings of stuckness and writer’s block, and the meetups helped offer diverse perspectives and experiential learning of fellow cohort members. One of the best investments in my creative career. I have a framework now for my pilot, which gave me the direction I needed to move forward with bringing my idea one step closer to reality.

Jordan Taylor

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