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The Genres We Want To See for the Moonshot Pilot Accelerator

There’s still time to submit to the Moonshot Pilot Accelerator. Do you have the TV pilot script we’re looking for?

a remote selecting from a TV screen. We want to see all genres of TV pilot scripts for the Moonshot Pilot Accelerator

Throughout the application period for our 2024 Moonshot Pilot Accelerator, we’ve been asked one question over and over: “What genres are you looking for?”

A little background: Right now, through April 14, 2024, submissions are open for our program for emerging TV writers. We’re accepting narrative, live-action TV pilot scripts, and we typically receive 600-700 applications. From there, we select 6-8 fellows with the help of our industry judges — showrunners, TV series creators, high-level producers, and working TV writers. Those fellows go through an intensive virtual training, including pitch feedback from a development exec, showrunner, and speech coach; a mock writers’ room; and Q&As with an entertainment lawyer and an agent.

The program culminates in Pitch Week, when our fellows have the opportunity to pitch to Netflix, HBO, Starz, Amazon Studios/Prime Video, Fifth Season, Berlanti Productions, Gersh, and many more studios, production companies and representatives.

Our applicants want to know what genres we’re searching for, and our answer is all of them!

The big picture is that we’re looking for approximately half of our fellows to be working in the half-hour comedy space, and half of our fellows to have hour-long drama scripts. Why? Many of the development execs who are hearing pitches only cover comedy or drama. Since each exec has agreed to hear at least three of our fellows’ pitches, we want to make sure that they have enough within their specialty to choose from.

Looking into specifics, what we really want is a great mix of genres. In the past, our fellows’ scripts have run the gamut of subgenres:

  • An irreverent period comedy

  • A grounded sci-fi

  • An action-packed dystopian Western

  • A young adult zombie horror

  • A contemporary dramedy

  • A period drama

  • A comedic mystery

  • A mockumentary

  • A time travel fantasy

  • And the list goes on and on!

What’s exciting for our team is that we never know what types of submissions we’re going to get. We’re open to anything as long as the writing is strong and the project furthers representation of women and non-binary people on screen. We don’t care what accolades you have as long as we’re impressed by your script and application.

And of course, the submissions must fit our guidelines: a narrative, live-action TV pilot script (hour-long or half-hour format) in English by a writer who’s 18 years of age or older. You can be based anywhere in the world as long as you’re able to attend all of our virtual sessions, including Pitch Week. You can submit via either Coverfly or FilmFreeway (doesn’t matter which, although as a heads up, notifications will come through Coverfly either way).

Think you have what it takes to apply to the Moonshot Pilot Accelerator?

Apply to the Moonshot Pilot Accelerator by the final deadline of April 14, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific. You can submit via Coverfly or FilmFreeway.

We can’t wait to read your work!


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