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Your donation is directly changing the way women are seen. Support for women at the mid-level of their career is crucial yet currently lacking. Together, we're changing that. Our free and low-cost programs give women and non-binary people the resources to advance their careers so that they can have a say in how women are portrayed on the screen. 


Olivia Beccina, Production Assitant

The feeling of working with women who had such passion was incredible and the time limit created an intense but FUN atmosphere. The best moment was Getting a great last take of the final scene

Adanna Paul, Wordrobe

This has truly been an invaluable experience. The fast pace and spontaneity of the challenge automatically fostered a sense of community and devotion between team members. I had so much fun and met so many wonderful people. Overall, the opportunity to arrive on set each day and work with talented, capable, dedicated, and creative women in film was a dream come true!

Brooke Solomon, Writer

It is so rare that you find a program that actually delivers on the access and skills it claims to provide. I would highly recommend this program to any writer – especially those looking to take their career to the next stage, understand different factions of the industry, and build a supportive community of fellow creatives.

Traci Hayes, Director

The energy in the room was unlike anything I had experienced in my 10+ years as a working professional filmmaker. There was freedom to try new things and a safe place to make mistakes and help each other through each obstacle that arose. 

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