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Announcing Our 2024 Moonshot Pilot Accelerator Semi-Finalists

Here are the 25 TV pilot scripts chosen as our semi-finalists, representing the top 5% of all Moonshot Pilot Accelerator submissions!

We received 515 submissions for the 2024 Moonshot Pilot Accelerator, and this week, we announced our 25 semi-finalists! These scripts represent the top 5% of all submissions.

These semi-finalists were chosen based on the strength of their TV pilot scripts and their application questions, as well as their 2-minute pitch videos from the quarter-finalist round.

Each of our semi-finalists will have their script read by two of our industry judges — showrunners, TV series creators, high-level producers, and working TV writers. Plus, they'll be invited to an exclusive virtual networking event, and they'll gain access to a video library of virtual workshops.

Our judges will lend their expertise from years working in the industry to select our finalists, who will participate in an interview round.

Finally, we will choose our 6-8 fellows! These fellows will hone their pitches and gain industry knowledge from our guest experts. Then, they'll have the opportunity to pitch to major companies and representatives during Pitch Week this summer. Companies hearing pitches include HBO, Netflix, Starz, Amazon Studios/Prime Video, Berlanti, Broadway Video, Fifth Season, Element Pictures, Gersh, Irish Cowboy, Level Forward, BFD, Fusion Studios, Freevee, and more.

Without further ado, here are the screenwriters and their TV pilot scripts that were selected as our 2024 semi-finalists:

  • Ajnabiyeh - Batoul Mourad

  • American Doctor - Veronica Reyes-How

  • Anamnesia - Justine Rivero

  • Astral Body - Melissa Kendall

  • Body Brokers - Gisella Bustillos

  • Choctaw Law - Kris Crenwelge

  • City of Champions - Erica Eastrich

  • Daddy Issues - April Moreau

  • Dani After Dark - Shay Ball

  • Drop Dead Funny - Ama Anane

  • Ethel - Elizabeth Dwyer

  • Harborvale Risings - Simone Keelah Brathwaite

  • Heartthrob High - Sarah Halle Corey

  • Howl - Zoe Kerr

  • Hypocenter - K. Michelle Stewart

  • Life As Is - Steph Garcia

  • Mojo - Brittany Turner

  • Moonrise - Rebekah Mueller

  • Of Love and Other Demons - Sydney Laws

  • Procreation, Inc. - Lex Powell

  • Solus - Dani Milton

  • The Center of Happiness - Brit Crawshaw

  • The Crones of Anarchy - Kate Kugler

  • ‘Til Death - Alex Friedman

  • Vanishing Point - Andrea Shawcross

Check back soon, as we will be announcing our 2024 Moonshot Pilot Accelerator finalists shortly!

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