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Applications are open!

If you have a finished pilot script and want to break into TV, check our our pilot accelerator.

Women's Weekend Film Challenge - Photo b


Moonshot Initiative, formerly known as Women’s Weekend Film Challenge, is a nonprofit that promotes gender equity by creating opportunities for women and non-binary people to bring their leadership, talents, and stories to the forefront of the film and television industry. We aim to empower and support underrepresented voices and promote a more inclusive media landscape. 

Moonshot advances the careers of thousands of underrepresented voices. Whether it’s through our free film challenge, which puts crews of strangers together to make a film in one weekend and provides everything needed, or through our pilot accelerator, which finds the most promising TV writers and gets them in front of the top development executives, our programs are all designed to create supportive and diverse learning environments to help the next wave of talent advance in the industry.

​Through individual donations, corporate sponsorships and grants, we are able to keep our programming costs as low as possible to break down financial barriers.

Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre