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Watch The Trailer: 'Beyond Saving'

Take a look at the trailer for "Beyond Saving," one of the six short films made as part of our Los Angeles film challenge in 2020

Four years ago, we hosted our signature film challenge (Women's Weekend Film Challenge) in Los Angeles. We worked with 180 women and non-binary filmmakers to produce six short films, which we premiered at ArcLight Hollywood to a packed audience of 400 industry members.

Below, watch the trailer for "Beyond Saving," one of the six films made as part of our film challenge.

We selected the cast and crew from hundreds of applications. This team of filmmakers in every role of production — previously strangers — met at a pre-production meeting for the first time. At 6 p.m. on Thursday, we kicked off the challenge by pulling a different genre out of a hat for each team and providing a prop that every team had to include in the film. Then, the teams had to write, shoot, and edit their films in just 78 hours before submitting the finished product at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday evening.

Moonshot Initiative provided the cinema-quality gear courtesy of our sponsors, location permits, production insurance, stipends to submit to film festivals, a premiere screening and after-party, and more.

“Beyond Saving” cast and crew:

Adalgiza Chermont, Alejandra Quiroz, Anderson Collins, Angela Perkins, Anna Remus,  Anna Tran, Anna Yang, Avital Ash, Brittany Joyner, Cat Tanchanco, Diedre Ehule, Ellie Gonzalez, Evelyn Price, Grace De Silva, Heather Cardone, Jayda Imanlihen, Jessica Portaro, Judy Reyes, Kryzz Gautier, Maria Bruzhayte, Megan Mayes, Pamela Xing-Berman, Pei-Hua Lin, Rachel Bardin, Saliha Muttalib, Toy Lei, Zelie Dember-Slack

“Beyond Saving” was created by Team Alma, named after director Alma Har’el. Each team has a namesake in order to highlight women and non-binary filmmakers our community looks up to.

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