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5 Things I Learned From Sitting in on 120 Pitch Meetings

Our co-founder Katrina Medoff wrote about her experience setting up 120 pitch meetings for the Moonshot Pilot Accelerator. Read about it on the No Film School blog!

Moonshot Pilot Accelerator featured on the No Film School blog

This week, read about the Moonshot Pilot Accelerator on the No Film School blog!

Here's an excerpt:

There are many opportunities to bring your personality into the meeting. First, make use of the small talk at the beginning. Most people end up chatting about the weather in LA—but even that’s something you could make more personal.
For example, the exec might ask, “Can you believe all the rain we’ve been having?” Instead of responding, “Yeah, it’s crazy,” you might say, “I’m getting a little tired of it, but my pug hates it. I have to stuff his paws into rain booties and he always looks so angry about it.”
The exec might then share something about her cat or her sister’s poodle, and she’ll begin to see you not just as a writer, but as a well-rounded person.
Most importantly, you’ll want to share your personal connection to your project and make it clear why you’re the person to tell this story. Often, your connection to the project will serve as a natural transition from small talk to the pitch itself. This portion of your pitch is incredibly compelling, because your personality shines through the most when you’re nerding out about something special to you.

Want to read the full article? Click here.

We added an extended deadline for the Moonshot Pilot Accelerator, so you can still apply!

Applications for the Moonshot Pilot Accelerator are open through the extended deadline of April 21, 2024. Learn more and read the FAQ on Moonshot’s website, and submit via Coverfly.

Listen to No Film School’s recent episode about Moonshot Initiative here for more pitching advice.


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