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Is It Possible To Revise a TV Pilot Script in Just 1 Month?

We just hosted our Revise a Pilot in 30 Days course this May. Here's how it went!

Moonshot Initiative Revise a Pilot in 30 Days course for TV writers who want to revise and polish their TV pilot scripts
Revise a Pilot in 30 Days participants meet on Zoom to discuss their revision process and network.

This May, we hosted our Revise a Pilot in 30 Days course. This program is aimed toward writers who have drafted a TV pilot script and want structure, community, and accountability in their revision process.

We created this course because we found that while there are tons of resources for writing scripts, there aren't many programs geared specifically toward revision — especially when it comes to pilot scripts. And because TV pilots are so different from feature film screenplays, we knew it was important to create something for this medium. After all, a pilot sets up a much larger story that can last multiple seasons. It needs to have an engine that will keep viewers tuning in, and it must establish the characters, plot, world, and tone while still serving as a typical episode.

We developed the coursework after reading over a thousand pilot scripts submitted to the Moonshot Pilot Accelerator (formerly WWFC's Pilot Accelerator). By assessing so many samples, we were able to pinpoint frequent problem areas and create a program to help writers identify and fix issues in their scripts.

Our course starts with the big picture, ensuring that the pilot script works on a structural level and sets up season- and series-long arcs. We then look at dialogue and description before going into the nitty-gritty, such as formatting, spelling, and grammar. Throughout, we have virtual meetups for networking and feedback, along with a participant-only forum. Plus, we facilitate three script swaps, pairing up different critique partners each time so that participants have the benefit of an outside eye. We provide resources to make these swaps as productive as possible.

Our hope is that participants leave not only with a polished script, but also with a new network and a revision process they can turn to in the future.

"I'm not new to writing, and I can confidently say this class taught me new techniques for managing my workflow and revision process and was worth every penny. It also introduced me to an amazing community of supportive writers. I can't wait to take my next Moonshot course!" - Jess McLaughlan

We had a great group of participants, and we loved seeing how all of the writers supported and uplifted one another throughout the process.


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